Solutions and Packages

We offer a variety of solutions and packages built for you. Check out our solutions below. 
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Nivee Website Security Audit

Ensure that your website is secure.

SSL and HTTPS Validation.

Plugin Vulnerability Scanning.

Prevent Database Infiltration.



Microsoft 365 Security Audit

Identify gaps with security control implementation.

Ensure your cloud platform is properly configured.

Confidence in taking a proactive approach.

Mitigate risks in your most used resource.

Google Workspace Security Audit

Identify gaps with your workspace configuration.

Ensure your most common resource is secure.

Confidence in your platform security.

Part of your overall risk mitigation strategy.



Email Attack Simulations

Build resiliency towards common phishing attempts.

Understand your employees and who may need additional awareness training.

Randomized campaigns to catch you in the busy moments.

Go beyond seminar training; engage your employees.

Cyber Guide for Businesses  Free eBook

Covers the basics you need for your business.

Best practices all in one place.

8 chapters with action items.

Simple implementation suggestions.



Executive Security Awareness

Resilience to common phishing tactics.

One-on-One consultation on the current Cyber Threat Landscape.

Implement best practices and habits.

Analyze and discover the Executive’s security posture.