Social Engineering Assessments

We test your organization's security, employee training, and awareness by seeing how your policies, procedures, and your team react to simulated attacks.

Social Engineering Assessments

In these engagements, we determine how your employees react to social engineering activities (phishing/vishing/SMShing), by sending them emulated real-world attacks.

This service demonstrates how well your team is trained in regards to security education and awareness, as well as providing recommendations for training to fortify your business in the future.

We work closely with your team to develop a tailored program for your company’s needs.

The program would achieve:

  •  A report showing the campaign success rate and areas of improvement

  • Your team engaging with content sent to them

  • Identifying overarching issues with SETA (Security, Education, and Training Awareness programs)


Benefits of Social Engineering Assessments

There are several benefits to social engineering assessments such as:

Reducing your risk by utilizing SETA (Security, Education, Training and Awareness) training methods for your business and staff

Put your policies and procedures to the test and ensure they are accurate

Teaching your staff how to properly assess situations to help mitigate your company’s risk

Measure your teams education and preparedness for a breach

Develop a more comprehensive Cyber Security program and policies

Stay up-to-date with all the latest training methodologies

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