Vulnerability Assessments

We gain an awareness of all the potential areas of exposure in your organization; from there we build strategies and steps to mitigate the potential threats.

Vulnerability Assessments

This type of engagement is designed to help provide customers with information and strategies to proactively help them protect their systems through a variety of solutions.

We utilize a systematic approach to evaluate your systems; through this, our service will provide insights into where vulnerabilities may lay and how to fortify your business’s security in the event of an attack.

These assessments are useful for organizations of any size (even individuals) that face an increased risk of cyberattacks; however large enterprises and other types of organizations that are subject to ongoing attacks can benefit hugely from these types of assessments.

As software changes so rapidly, vulnerabilities can increase and provide the ability for adversaries (ex. hackers) or your own internal staff to turn these vulnerabilities into major risks. It is essential for enterprises to identify them first and remediate the weaknesses before they are exploited.

We offer vulnerability assessments on the following layers:

  • Network layer:
    • Identify vulnerabilities in servers, workstations or other network hosts

  • Application layer:
    • Test websites or mobile applications to detect known software vulnerabilities or weak configurations issues


Benefits of Vulnerability Assessments

These types of assessments are hugely beneficial for any business. All businesses now are relying on information technology to perform work and both large and medium sized businesses are being exploited by attackers. Some of the benefits include:

Identifying all potential security exposures from several layers of the organization

You have all procedures, protocols and systems up to do date with the most recent practices

Establish where investment should take place to strengthen security

Help prioritize areas your organization needs to address to prevent breaches

Determining the posture of the organization’s security on each level identified

Mitigate risk and threat of attacks or breaches

Your security posture is positioned correctly in the event of an attack

Vulnerability assessments help your organization prepare and mitigate risk. They help prepare your organization for attacks, hacks or breaches that could occur and potentially have your sensitive data exploited.

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