Network Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing on your systems, hosts and devices on your networks.

Network Penetration Testing

This type of penetration testing is focused on your systems, hosts and devices on your network. The idea is for our Security experts to gain unauthorized access to your data through these systems and attempt to access sensitive data or take over the system(s) completely. From there we will document all the vulnerabilities and methods used and present remediation steps to ensure this doesn’t happen in the real world and that your data is protected from any attacks or hacks.

Our thorough testing process follows a methodical approach based off of industry standards like OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual), PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard), and SANS GPEN.

  • Identify vulnerabilities and flaws present in the environment

  • Validate identified vulnerabilities to determine level of severity in context to your organization

  • Address vulnerabilities utilizing the provided guidance and recommendations


Benefits of Network Penetration Testing

This level of penetration testing can help your organization in multiple ways including:

Identifying all potential security exposures in the network

Ensure all equipment is up-to-date

Analyze and discover the organization’s security posture and discover the extent of a potential breach

Ensure all of your data is properly protected and there are no areas of vulnerability

Finding potentially new solutions and softwares to help address your security needs

Analyze identified vulnerabilities to determine level of severity in context to your organization

Once we are completed, an in-depth report is provided to you with all of the vulnerabilities present within the CDE and provide recommendations and solutions to your team on how to improve the security of the systems and applications.

Working with Nivee:

Initial Process

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